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Birds of a Feather

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them" Matthew 6:26
Blue Skies
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"The Teacher" 

Racing across the heavens, a Northern Harrier swoops in front of a massive cloud bank just as the sun casts its rays behind it, as if the bird were an angel in disguise.

"The Teacher", 2022. 12"x16" Acrylic on Canvas. SOLD
Sunrise over the Wheat Field
"The Colors of Fall", 2022. 8"x16" Acrylic on CanvasSOLD
"The Colors of Fall"

The setting sun sets fire to the sky, lighting up the autumn harvest of wheat in golds and reds. A handsome pheasant rooster casts a glance back over his shoulder before disappearing into the fields.


A decorative feather is featured in this mini painting.

This piece is available at Heartworks Gallery in Powell, WY. Prints are not available. 

"Feather", 2019. 4"x6" Acrylic on Canvas (framed)
Free Range Poultry Farm
"Strut Your Stuff"
Strut Your Stuff email watermark.jpg
"Strut Your Stuff", 2021. 8"x8" Acrylic on Canvas. $285.00


Ruffling his feathers, this handsome rooster struts his stuff through the chicken yard, doing his best to impress the girls. 

*To purchase this original painting, please contact the artist.
Sunset Skies
"Water Dance"
Water Dance email watermark.jpg

Golden evening light hits the surface of a tranquil pond, and a mallard drake dances in the shining water beneath the setting sun.

"Water Dance", 2019. 8"x10" Acrylic on Canvas. SOLD
Fall Tokens
"The Last Fruits of Fall"

As the last of the berries begin to fall from the trees, a Cedar Waxwing eats a quick meal before all the fruit is gone.

"The Last Fruits of Fall", 2018. 6"x8" Acrylic on Canvas. SOLD
Image by Zosia Korcz
"The Chicken Yard"

The family chickens enjoy free ranging in the yard. 

Prints/gifts not available

"The Chicken Yard", 2018. 4"x6" Acrylic on Canvas. SOLD
Lilac Hydrangea
"Love and Lilacs"

A pair of mountain bluebirds enjoy each other's company amongst fragrant lilac blooms.

"Love and Lilacs", 2018. 4"x6" Acrylic on Canvas. SOLD
"Meadowlark Sonnet"

Evening falls, and a Western Meadowlark, Montana's state bird, serenades the setting sun as it lights up the landscape in  an array of colors.

"Meadowlark Sonnet", 2018. 11"x14" Acrylic on Canvas. SOLD
Image by Sebastian Herrmann
"Bantam Beauty"

A beautiful bantam rooster struts through the barnyard.

"Bantam Beauty", 2017. 16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas. Private Collection
Black Sky
"The Night Guardian"

A great horned owl watches over the forest as the twinkling stars light up the night sky.

"The Night Guardian", 2016. 14"x16" Acrylic on Canvas. SOLD
Mountians and Lake
"Wood Duck"

The surface of a tranquil pond is disturbed as a wood duck drake leaps from the shore into the emerald waters. 

"Wood Duck", 2016. 18"x24" Acrylic on Canvas. SOLD
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