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Wild, Wild


Image by Logan Mayer
Scouting the Wild Places email watermark.jpg
"Scouting the Wild Places"

A lone cowboy rides the ranges, searching for new discoveries in the wild, wild west. 

"Scouting the Wild Places" , 2024. 12"x36"Acrylic on Canvas, Custom Barnwood Frame


Image by David McCumskay
Smoke Break email watermark.jpg
"Smoke Break"

Taking the weight off his feet at the end of a long day, a hardworking cowboy takes a well-earned smoke break atop an old whiskey barrel. 

"Smoke Break" , 2024. 14"x18"Acrylic on Canvas, Custom Frame


Image by Vivian Arcidiacono
"The Boss"
The Boss email watermark.jpg

"The Boss" 2023. 10"x20" Acrylic on Canvas, Custom Barnwood Frame


A longhorn bull lets everyone on the ranch know that he's the boss.

Image by Quaritsch Photography
Sweetheart email watermark.jpg

An exercise in speed painting, "Sweetheart" was developed as a sip and paint class tutorial, and features the popular Scottish Highland breed of cow. 

"Sweetheart", 2023. 16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas
Image by Kalen Emsley
"In the Shadow of the Rockies"
In the Shadow of the Rockies email watermark.jpg

Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, the remains of a small homestead withstand the tests of time.

" In the Shadow of the Rockies" 2020. 5"x7" Acrylic on Canvas , Custom Barnwood Frame
*To purchase this original painting, please contact the artist.
Image by Yaroslav Muzychenko
"Leaving Summer Pasture"
Leaving Summer Pasture email watermark.j

Summer grazing has come to an end, and it is time for the cowboys to bring the herd home for the colder months.

"Leaving Summer Pasture" 2019. 12"x16" Acrylic on Canvas (Custom Barnwood Frame)
Image by Olenka Kotyk
"Souls of the Western Sun"
Souls of the Western Sun email-watermark
"Souls of the Western Sun", 2019. 10"x20" Acrylic on Canvas , Custom Barnwood Frame

Two wild stallions race each other into the sunset.

Image by Ken Okum
"Eight Seconds to Glory"

A rodeo cowboy holds on for dear life to reach the coveted eight second ride.

"Eight Seconds to Glory", 2017. 18"x24" Acrylic on Canvas 
Image by NEOM
"Spirit of the Pryor Mountains"

A wild stallion races through the water after a heavy rainstorm, throwing a cascade of water around him.

"Spirit of the Pryor Mountains", 2017. 16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas

SALE: $200.00
*To purchase this original painting, please contact the artist.
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